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Space Taco ($TACO) token operates on the basis of SRG-20 protocol on BNBChain.

We are convinced that the path the SURGE Protocol team envisions for DeFi is the right one and therefore decided to develop useful tools for this ecosystem.

Key features of the SRG20 protocol are:

➡️ No external liquidity pool needed, customer funds are locked in our smart contract itself. There is no function to extract assets from the smart contract, making the LP unruggable and allowing tokens to be bought and sold at any time.

➡️ No dApp or the like is needed to buy or sell $TACO tokens. You can use any script to ping the blockchain itself and trigger the buy and sell functions of our smart contract directly.

➡️ MEV Bot Protection included, no risk of being sandwiched by bots on low-tax tokens.

➡️ The ability to launch projects on BNBChain and ETH Mainnet without the need for seed capital which is then used for starting liquidity of the smart contract. Funds can be used more effectively to further develop and promote the project itself.

You can’t buy $TACO‘s the usual way via PancakeSwap because of the LP handling of SRG20 contracts, a detailed tutorial on how to buy $TACO tokens can be found here.

➡️ A showcase of our already released utilities for SRG-20 based contracts can be found here.

– Official Space Taco Links –

Total Supply: 100 Million $TACO

Max wallet: 3% (3’000’000 $TACO)

Taxes: 6% Buy – 6% Sell

Tax Split on each Tx.: 2% Devs 2% Buyback  2% SRG BSC rewards

Starting liquidity: 200’000 SRG tokens

Tokens added to LP: 100% of all existing $TACO’s, no team tokens

Launch type: Stealth launch on SurgeSwap

One of the goals in our Roadmap is to drive mass adoption of the SRG20 ecosystem, so we will be releasing utilities for our own and 3rd party SRG20 contracts over the course of our lifetime.

Released utilities:

1️⃣@TacoBuyBot 🌮

This is the – FIRST – available universal buy bot that supports SRG20 contracts on BNB Chain, Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum One.

Project owners who decide to publish their projects based on SRG20 contracts can invite @TacoBuyBot directly to their Telegram group and display buys of their own token using our bot.

TacoBuyBot is already operating in over 100 groups since launching.


➡️ Type /bigbuy to start a biggest accumulated buyers contest:

➡️ Type /lastbuy to start a last buyer contest:

➡️ Type /raffle to start a raffle buy contest:

2️⃣@TacoWaterfall 🌮💧

In our Waterfall, you can find the freshest buy notifications for ALL SRG20 Tokens using our @TacoBuyBot (min. buy 20 USD)!

3️⃣@TacoMonitor 🌮🖥

Receive instant notifications once any SRG20 based contract gets deployed to the BNBChain or Ethereum Mainnet. Also receive infos about the socials of these contracts once their TG group sets up @TacoBuyBot and adds their SRG20 contract address to its database. If they add their website address later, a short update post will be made that a website for the previously displayed group & contract address has been found.

4️⃣@TacoToplist 🌮📋

See the current TOP 10 SRG20 projects on BNBChain and Ethereum Mainnet measured by their total value locked (liquidity), this list autoupdates every 3 Minutes.

5️⃣@TACOntestTracker 🌮🎖

Buy-Contest hunters can easily buy early into freshly starting buy-contests by receiving notifications through our TACOntestTracker now!

6️⃣ – TacoWallet 🌮💳 via @TacoBuyBot

Our latest addition is the wallet scan functionality of TacoBuyBot. You are able to scan any wallet holding at least around 10 USD worth of $TACO tokens and see your SRG20 portfolios worth, also price comparisons from scan to scan!

We reserve the rights to display paid ads on all of our channels and bots. Any income from these ads will be split between the developer, the buy-back and charity wallets.

The more SRG20 projects use our tools, the better known the $TACO brand will become – thus we will go down in history as one of the pioneers of this new protocol.

Official $TACO contract address:
➡️ 0x323B211505f8800ce21c7210e4d3F7Fd1291320A (click to copy)

$TACO tokens can only be bought via
> SurgeSwap
> Maestro Sniper Bot
> BSCscan

Purchasing $TACO’s on PooCoin or PancakeSwap is not possible.

We would recommend using the SurgeSwap due to its ease, but the choice is up to yourself.

Buy $TACO tokens via SurgeSwap:

1️⃣ Set your wallet network to the BNB Chain

2️⃣ Visit this link and connect your wallet, our contract should be pre-entered for you – if not, just select our contract from the dropdown menu

$TACO contract address (click to copy)

3️⃣ Enter the amount of BNB or SRG you want to spend in the upper field and press the ‘Approve Token’ button, accept the request in your wallet and wait for the button to change to ‘Surge Swap‘. Now press this button and accept the request in your wallet.

4️⃣ Done, you successfully swapped BNB or SRG tokens for $TACO tokens

If you wish to swap $SRG for $TACO tokens via BSCSCan, you have to follow this video tutorial and use that knowledge on our own BSCScan site here.

You have to import the $TACO contract address in your wallet as ‘custom token‘ if you want to see your $TACO holdings directly in your wallet.

First chapter

✅ Create Website
✅ Create Telegram
✅ Create Twitter
✅ Create SRG20 Contract
✅ Support SRG20 mass adoption
✅ Twitter raids
✅ Reddit raids
TacoBuyBot 🌮 release
✅ Community contests
✅ First donation to the TBF
@TacoWaterfall 🌮💧 release
@TacoMonitor 🌮🖥 release
@TacoToplist 🌮📋 release
⏳ Reach 100'000 USD market cap

Second chapter

✅ TacoWallet 🌮💳 release
⏳ YouTube ads + raids
⏳ Crypto influencer partnerships
CMC listing (after adoption)
CoinGecko listing (after adoption)
⏳ Reach 500'000 USD market cap

Third chapter

⏳ Launch $TACO SRG20 on ETH
⏳ Third party partnerships
⏳ Fiftieth donation to the TBF
⏳ Direct partnership with the TBF

more tba..

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